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Sino Hydrogen

Sino Hydrogen is committed to providing its clients with a stable supply of hydrogen

Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

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Founded in 2015, Sino Hydrogen is an industrial gas corporation dedicated to offering hydrogen supply solutions. As yet, it has provided hydrogen supply services and technical consultation for nearly a hundred enterprises. The company has received recognition from the market and clients with delicacy management, high-caliber safety requirements, and individualized services. Sino Hydrogen is focused on collecting and utilizing industrial hydrogen and committed to providing clients with a stable supply of quality hydrogen.

Currently, the company owns two hydrogen compressing factories with an annual production capacity of 4,200 tons. Meanwhile, the company maintains a long-term cooperative partnership with several hydrogen factories in the province, with business concentrated in Shandong, Hebei, and so forth.

In 2019, the company sold and transported nearly 50 million cubic meters of compressed hydrogen, with a sales ranking among the top in the industry of Northern China.






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