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Hydrogen Energy Industry

Hydrogen Energy Industry

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Hydrogen is also used as fuel for fuel cells. A fuel cell is a device that directly converts the chemical energy of fuel and oxidants into direct current. 2015 marked the beginning of automobiles powered by fuel cells, when Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai introduced mass-produced vehicles in succession. Meanwhile, several automobile groups cooperated with the government and energy corporations in facilitating infrastructure construction and fuel-cell vehicles to enter the market. Fuel cells have another merit. According to the survey of exhaust emissions of electric cars, conventional cars, and hydrogen fuel cars, hydrogen-powered automobiles are more environmentally friendly. In May 2013, the United States Department of Energy issued an analytical report on the latest CO2 emission of fuel-cell automobiles. According to the report, fuel cell vehicles generally emit half of CO2 less than conventional automobiles and even less CO2 than electric mobiles. Besides, the government energetically advocates ecological and environmental protection. Correspondingly, new energy automobiles receive great attention from the market, and favorable policies are expected to be introduced on fuel cells.


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